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Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer Cleaning Tips

There’s no place like home, especially when it’s clean.

When the summer season arrives, it's not just about fun in the sun—it's also an ideal time to revitalize your living space. Here are some of our cleaning tips. 

Embrace Fresh Air for a Healthier Home: Open up your windows and doors to let in the invigorating summer breeze. This simple act not only freshens up your space but also improves indoor air quality, helping to eliminate trapped pollutants and create a healthier living environment.

Master Outdoor Space Renewal: Extend your cleaning prowess beyond indoor spaces and give your outdoor areas the attention they deserve. From sweeping away debris and pressure washing surfaces to sprucing up furniture and reviving your garden. 

Combat Summer Allergens: Summer brings pollen and other allergens that can wreak havoc on sensitive individuals. Stay ahead of the game by dusting surfaces regularly, vacuuming thoroughly, and investing in high-quality air filters. These actions will help minimize allergens, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable summer for you and your family.

Elevate Floor Care for a Pristine Look: Summer adventures can bring in dirt and sand, posing challenges for your floors. AJ Westfall recommends a comprehensive floor care routine, including regular vacuuming, mopping with suitable cleaners, and considering professional carpet cleaning to restore the vibrancy of your carpets and extend their lifespan.

Refresh and Revamp Your Wardrobe: As you transition to summer attire, take the opportunity to declutter your closet. Start sorting, organizing, and donating items you no longer need. A streamlined wardrobe not only makes dressing easier but also enhances your room and space.

Prep Your Kitchen for Culinary Adventures: Summer calls for lighter meals and refreshing treats. Before embarking on your culinary journey, we suggest deep-cleaning your kitchen. From thorough refrigerator cleanouts to decluttering and organizing your pantry, these steps will set the stage for effortless meal preparation and enjoyable summer gatherings.

Achieve Crystal-Clear Windows: Maximize natural light by tackling your window cleaning with finesse. We recommend using streak-free glass cleaners, employing microfiber cloths, and paying attention to detail. Say goodbye to smudges and hello to sparkling, streak-free windows that let the summer sunshine in.

Banish Dust with Precision: Ceiling fans are summer essentials, especially here in Florida, but they can accumulate dust quickly. We recommend regular cleaning of fan blades with a damp cloth or a vacuum equipped with a brush attachment. This prevents dust from spreading and ensures clean, efficient airflow throughout your home.

If some of these cleaning tasks seem overwhelming, count on AJ Westfall to help you. We can be reached by calling, 813-466-4047.


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Appartment cleaning services

Our Apartments Cleaning Services

Trying to balance work, healthy eating, family obligations, exercise and every other part of your life can be overwhelming. Not to mention adding cleaning into the mix. The AJ Westfall Apartment Cleaning Team has services that are designed to free up your time so you can focus more important matters. We can come every week, every two weeks, every three weeks, monthly, or as frequently as you want. We offer flexible scheduling that makes it easy to get your apartment cleaned right when you need it.

AJ Westfall provides deep cleaning upon request. We will focus on deep cleaning specific areas of your space every to help improve the look and feel of your apartment. We offer a 99 Point Cleaning Checklist on each cleaning. Our apartment cleaners also provide move-in and move-out cleaning services for apartments, which could make all the difference in protecting your security deposit!

Imagine all the time you could save every single week by leaving your apartment cleaning and sanitizing to AJ Westfall Cleaning Company.